The Hadley Family

Who We Are: 
This is Nicole and Pastor Steve from Harvest Reno! We very much look forward to hearing from others around the country and world who are part of Harvest online. It is such a blessing that we can all come together in this way to share prayer requests, meet, interact and fellowship, and study God's Word together. Truly we really are one body in Christ! We look forward to meeting and praying with you all! Nicole and Pastor Steve :)
How We Found Harvest: 
The Lord led us to start Harvest in order to equip the body in these last days with God's Word, and to share tools as to how to fight the spiritual battle that will only get harder, as we share the Gospel and stand on God's Word in these last days... Lord give us all strength and leading from Your Word and Spirit alone. And may we all unite in prayer to strengthen each other, and stand together in Christ.