The Birkby Family

Who We Are: 
I am a Bible student and ambassador for Christ. I've worked in the software entertainment business as a QA manager and game designer for over 20 years. There are very few Christians in this industry so has been a mission field opportunity. I've read the Bible, Koran, Book of Mormon, and a number of other religious works and am persuaded the Bible is amazing and trustworthy. Other religious works do not stand up to close examination without revealing that the main tenants of the religions that promote them resort to additional writings that often directly contradict the more well known books or even contradict the religions themselves. I have a Wife and Son and our parents are still living except for my Dad who I am confident is now with the Lord as he was also a Bible student and trusted in the Lord for his Salvation. I have been listening to pastor Steve's messages for about 5 years. The Lord has really blessed us with such clear and deep teaching from God's word.
How We Found Harvest: 
I learned about Harvest from a friend whom I share a common interest with concerning prophecy. He told me there was this guy talking about end times prophecy stuff on the internet. I have since been really happy to see that many topics are covered by Pastor Steve really well, not just Bible prophecy.